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Coming up you’re going to discover how to diversify your App Business and create an Empire from courses and ebooks.

How to Build a Media Empire From Apps

Alex has been giving advice to different people via his app and he realized that he could take this bigger by bringing it outside his app, so he started a YouTube channel. He answered the same questions that he would get on his apps and send everybody to his video. He then promotes his YouTube channel.

Since he is very hands-on, he took all the questions from the app and answered them by writing them in his book. He also had a survey where he placed the answers to his first book, which also served as his first course.

For him, the whole process was like climbing a staircase because it didn’t happen overnight. He had little success with the apps but wasn’t really known in the business planning world. He attributed his success to being hands-on because it gave him ideas what the people are struggling with and what content to write.  

So being in the app world is one step, creating a YouTube channel is another step and the book is yet another. For him, this created a little bit of an ecosystem that made him an influencer.

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