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You’re going to discover a simple way that you can use to find the right mobile games publisher to help you hit the top charts.

Why Look For The Right Mobile Game Publishers?

Finding the right publisher for your app is very important, especially for indie games as they can help get awareness for your apps.

Additionally,, they can also work with you in landing the top charts. For instance, David Reichelt, the creator of the popular game Color Switch found the right publisher for his game in Fortafy. Reichelt’s game has high retention and high monetization. Partnering with Fortafy helped him land the top charts and get 150 million downloads after launching it.

How to Find a Mobile Games Publisher to Hit the Top Charts

If you are looking for a publisher for a game that you are developing or finishing, check the top charts and study the games there. You will notice that there are tons of different titles from Voodoo games in there so download their games and study it to figure out what type of games they’re looking for.

As you start creating your unique game idea, study their design elements and the way they interact. For instance, they tend to like simple casual games that bump into each other so consider this. If you analyze this, you will know how to approach them and convince them to publish your work.


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