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Do you want to work with YouTube influencers to promote your app? Do you know how to find the YouTube rockstars?

According to a Google study, fans are more engaged by influencers than celebrities. In fact, the top YouTubers get 3x more views, 2x more interactions and 12x as many comments on their videos compared to celebrities.

So, if you want to look for one or two YouTube influencers, Boost Insider’s Social Book will be helpful to you.

Social Book is the first AI-powered influencer search engine. It allows you to find influencers on any topic easily.

Here are the steps to find a YouTube influencer using Social Book:

  • Visit Boost Insider
  • Click on Social Book
  • Set your filter – The site allows you to choose influencers from YouTube or Instagram. It also features an advanced search that allows you to select the type of content (gaming, entertainment, music, etc.), country, language and even their number of subscribers.
  • Check the results – You will see a list of influencers that qualify to the categories you selected in the filter.
  • Click the profile of the person you want to see –  Social Book allows you to see the influencer’s stats including his average view, channel performance, engagement and more. From there, you can decide whom you want to work with based on the influencer’s reach.

That’s how easy it is to find a YouTube influencer using Social Book!


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