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Today’s guest spent 7 years working for Apple and now is the founder of a performance-based influencer marketing platform. You will discover the most effective way to get started with influencer marketing, what types of creatives work best on Instagram and finally I had to ask him about any secrets he could share about getting an Apple feature.

Dom Little is the Founder of amp&go.


04:01 – How does one effectively build a brand despite the insane competition?

06:41 – The initial challenges of signing up influencers and what to do about it.

10:13 – The number of ways to get started with influencer marketing that are effective and will produce results for you.

10:51 – The types of influencers you need to sign up for your campaign that will work best on Instagram; and how to work up budget strategies.

14:35 – Brand Owner vs Influencer: Who should have control of the brand image? Who should create the content?

17:15 – Establishing key performance metrics for brand influencers.

21:01 – Hints on how to get that coveted Apple feature.

Show Mention

– Fav app: Citizen:(iTunes | Google Play)


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