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Coming up is a coaching call with a developer of a free music player app. You will discover how to balance optimizing your current keywords or finding new ones, should you localize your app and how to run our favorite growth hack on Google Play.

Neelay Srivastava is the creator of Free Music Player.

Show Notes

Focusing on Keywords

This might depend on the type of app that you have. For Neelay, who is working on a music player app, there’s not a lot of keywords to go after, so it’s better to focus on particular keywords.

It’s also possible to go after keywords related to the app. For example, for this app, if one wishes to use keywords related to radio, then, it’s okay. You can try it out by placing those keywords in the title and short description.

Localizing Apps

Localization really works but it doesn’t work in the same way for all. It works well for some people and really bomb for others.

If you really want to localize, start with the language that you find is easiest to translate. For example, if you are in India, you can localize your app for that country. However, I wouldn’t try to focus too much on localization because sometimes it won’t pay off.

You can start with Google translate to localize a few other countries. If you find traction or when you are getting more downloads then it’s time to spend a little bit more money to get it professionally localized.

Maximizing Downloads Using Keywords on Google Play

Place the keywords you are targeting on the title and short description. I did a case study on this and didn’t notice too much of an improvement when I place the keyword on the long description.

However, there was a major improvement when I optimized the title and short descriptions. It is highly recommended that you work on that.


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