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Back in the early days, I used to listen to the podcast ‘Entrepreneur on Fire’ a lot and I noticed that the host, John Lee Dumas was asking the same question, “What’s holding you back to being an entrepreneur?”, over and over. After listening to about 20 episodes in a row, I noticed that the common theme in their answers is fear. But despite this, these guests did not let fear hold them back, they somehow overcame them.

I think fear is a good thing. When I have an idea for an app, my biggest fear would be that nobody would want them. When I organize events, I would be apprehensive that nobody would show up. But I just actually need a jump start of having a couple of people be onboard and it would snow ball. So I like fear because this fear helps me run better events.

I see you fear, I feel you how do I get past you and help me get to me goals? Let the fear inside of you sharpen your focus on whatever you want to accomplish.

Everybody’s afraid. I’m always afraid of every little thing but I found that I like the fear as it drives me.

Appreciate it, stop trying to overcome it and let it drive you to become a better person.

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