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Today’s guest is the CMO at Refectly, the popular journaling app. You will discover how to use micro-influencers at scale for content generation, why product is more important than marketing in the beginning and why they are so focused on TikTok right now.

Darius Moravcik is the CMO at Reflectly.


02:56 – Getting micro-influencers to build and scale content generation this includes running ads off their account resulting to a win-win situation.

05:56 – How to find an influencer (and the background process of content production) that is right for your product.

13:10 – Effectively managing ads and choosing the platform for scaling, and why TikTok is that “right” platform.

16:49 – Creative TikTok strategies to get your product noticed.

21:27 – Why you need to get creative in presenting your Pricing Page; and why the onboarding process shouldn’t be static.

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