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How to Spy on Your Competitors on Facebook?

If you want to check how your competitors are doing, you can use Facebook to spy on them. According to Sylvain, Facebook decided to have some transparency around the ads which opens opportunities for you to check on what your competitors do.

To do this, you can go to any Facebook page and type a name of an app page on your mobile. Close to the top picture, you will see a little button with an “i” like “i” for information.  If you click it, you will see information and if you tap on there, it will bring you to a page where you can see all the active ads in your competitors’ page..

What to Check On When You See Your Competitors’ Active Ads?

Once you see the active ads on your competitors’ page, it will also show you the number of views and other social info like shares and comments. If you see a different number of views, it could be that the creative was used with several different audiences and Facebook might just show one. So, this explains why you may see the video with 35 thousand views and see a similar clip with a million view.

This approach is still under the radar and is a really good thing to leverage. So, you should try it too!

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