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Coming up, I’m gonna share with you how to tell if your app idea is good or not as this is a question I routinely get from potential clients. Stay tuned!

Is Your App Idea Good or Not?

It’s not whether an app idea is good or not because sometimes for these revolutionary ideas, it takes time and patience to work. For instance, who would agree to ride in a stranger’s car or stay in a stranger’s home? The said ideas sound weird and stupid but it turned out to be brilliant considering the success of Uber and Airbnb. I’m not here to tell you if your app idea is good or bad, I’m here to tell you how to figure that part out.

First, you need to have enough users — at least 1,000. They can be paid users or just anybody that you’re talking to. When you have enough users, check out how they respond to your app and figure out what you need to improve. This means that you’re not gonna know whether your app idea is good until you actually launch.

Second, if there is competition in the app space that’s a good thing. For example, if you have an app idea similar to an existing one that’s doing great in the market, you can pursue that and execute or market better.

The good thing with having competition is that someone has already validated the market for you. Take this in mind, competition is a good thing because this means that the people want the things that you are about to provide.

Another option is to really study the app charts. Check out the top grossing apps and see what are they doing well and what you can improve. Use sites like Sensor Tower and App Annie to see what apps are making money and how are they doing it. You can copy or replicate what they have done and improved upon certain things that are not working well.

For this, look out at the top grossing apps and study the one- and two-star reviews. Build a similar app and improve those feature that the current users often complained about.

Use these strategies and you will know on your own how to figure out if your app idea is good or not.

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