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Grow Your App Business in 2018 By Localization

A number of developers share the same concern – how to grow an app’s visibility?  According to Gonzalo, localization is one key to grow your business. A number of developers develop their apps for one particular target and in most cases, it targets the U.S. However, not everyone speaks English.

In the past five years, I have observed that there are still many people who develop and upload an app in English. In fact, this is still prevalent in the gaming industry. They do the metadata and research part of the app ASO in the same language. A number in the gaming industry practice this. To grow your ASO visibility and increase your business, I strongly suggest that you take advantage of localization. Localize your metadata to grow your downloads.

Localization is not a black hat ASO, it’s a legal approach. In fact, I tried this in my travel app a week ago and it tripled our downloads.

Start With Keywords

Aside from localization, you can also use keywords to increase your downloads. In fact, it’s best to start with keywords because this is free and no one will kill you if you get this wrong. If you localize and make a mistake in your app name and subtitle you will be penalized. Keywords are hidden from the iOS space, so there’s no penalty.

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