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HyprMX - Dan Laughlin

HyprMX – Dan Laughlin


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About the Episode

Are you looking for ad formats that yield higher earnings? Well today’s guest is from Hyper MX, the company that brings Fortune 500 video advertising to us developers. Also, listen to his strategy on how he’s able to land partnerships with some of the biggest publishers in the world including Zynga, Social Point, Wooga and much more.

Dan Laughlin is the VP Business Development at HyprMX.

Show Notes

Rewarded Advertising for Greater Returns

Rewarded Advertising is an ad format wherein you give away items in exchange for users to watch your ads. If the user is running low on coins, for example, they can watch an ad video for a specific timeframe and they will be rewarded by some currency which will help them stay in the game. This is an effective engagement tool as majority of game users do not spend on games. This will be a value exchange which is now a driving force in the advertising world.

Building Relationships to Land Partnerships

Dan shares that landing partnerships is a process andrelationships are built over years. He was able to leverage on these previous tiesto bring their partners in. He usually identifies key people in the company who he can approach and when he gets the attention of that person, he ensures that they understand the value proposition that he can help them with. Once they are able to build this initial relationship, that’s the time that the nitty gritty details of integrating systems, going live, quality assurance and making sure that they right types of ads are running in the correct apps come in play.

In following up, his advice is to be persistent and to incorporate human touch in communications – 1 phone call is better than 100 emails.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Know your audience. Know what the user scenario really is. The idea may be cool to you but will it be cool for enough people to make a business out of it?

Show Mentions


– Fav app: Uber: (iTunes | Google Play)

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