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Idea Blocks – Marco Napoli

Idea Blocks – Marco Napoli


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About the Episode

Are you taking courses and watching webinars but not really coming out with anything tangible that you can use? Well today’s guests talks about how he builds the same exact app when trying to learn a new language and how that helps speed up the learning curve. Also, listen to what he thinks are the most exciting features in iOS 8.

Marco Napoli is the founder of Idea Blocks.

Show Notes

Turning Theories Into Real-World Concepts

Sometimes, when we go out there to look for resources we can learn from, they can be very abstract and theory-oriented and the concepts are not geared towards real-world examples. Due to this, every time Marco learns a new language, he makes a simple contact managementapp to apply what he learned such as how to build a list or how to retrieve information and take it to another place. When you are reading a book or attending seminars or webinars, they teach more of the theology so you need to go out there, do your research and get samples of how each piece work together to combine each functions and procedures and make them into a whole. Put all these theories together so it would actually do something.

iOS 8 Features to Look Forward To

What really got Marco excited about the iOS 8 is its ability to communicate with other apps as this is a feature that developers have been asking for. An example would be, a user can now import journals to other apps. Different apps can now share information rather than be sand boxed in. iOS 8 also has a feature wherein you do not need to enter passwords and can simply get in using thumb prints.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Before you start coding, create a website about your app. In there, give people information on what your app is going to do and start letting people know all about it.

Show Mentions

Wants and Needs

– Fav app: Zite: (iTunes | Google Play)

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