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Stop making the mistake that I see most game developers make where they completely focus on building the game and do NOT think about marketing or monetization. In this episode, you will discover how to incorporate monetization while designing your game from day 1, how targeting a wide audience on Facebook led to lower CPIs and the tech stack that allows you better track your campaigns.

Tugay Alyildiz is the Co-Founder and CEO of Veloxia Technology.


04:13 – Setting the stage for monetization – the preparation, planning, and allocating resources.

06:33 – The importance of fusing monetization strategies at the very start of the game design.

11:38 – Stitching game design and ads, and how to find that balance in order to increase retention.

15:21 – Pitching for investors: How do you strategize your approach.

18:33 – Targeting a wider audience on Facebook leads to lower CPIs as well as increasing profitability.

34:36 – Utilizing tech stack tools to track your campaigns better.

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