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The first things that I look at in an app are the designs of the app icon and the screenshots as these are quick and easy ways to increase your download conversions. In one of my apps, Midnight Owl, here are the following strategies that I employed:

  • I used an image (a baby) in the first two screenshots with the belief that people are mostly drawn to faces and imagery.
  • I chose to embed and highlight the benefit of the app in the first two screenshots.
  • I added in ASO in my screenshots. I am under the impression that if I use the same terms that people use when they search my app, that is going to help my conversions.
  • If you have been featured in other publications, have that in the first two screenshots as these are elements of social proof.

You can do A/B testing live in Google Play so you can mess around with your screenshots to see which one works better but I have handled clients where we have seen spikes in downloads simply by revamping screenshots and the app icon design.

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