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In early 2017, I talked a lot about as I saw it as an underpriced platform which was a great venue for app developers to get downloads. You can interact with young influencers who have millions of followers for the price of just a couple of hundred dollars so it can drive tremendous growth. But as the year progressed and as we continued to run those campaigns, we started noticing a decline in terms of success. There may have been other factors but I believe this may be because makes it hard for influencers to have their followers interact with the ads. Unlike Instagram or Snapchat, there is no swipe up feature in where influencers can place instructions for calls to action. This may have led to the platform’s decline as an app promotion channel.

Now talking about Snapchat, it has been heard that the usage is declining and not as active as it was before, especially with the launch of new things such as Instagram stories. On our end, we can actually view this as an opportunity as Snapchat will not be as expensive as Instagram influencers. What we are looking for are under priced marketing campaigns so if it leads to this, this will now become a platform worth exploring. You can still get an influencers with ample number of followers in less the price.

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