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Inky – Dave Baggett

Inky – Dave Baggett


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About the Episode

Today’s guest sold his previous company to Google for $700 million and he tells us why he’s tackling email even though he got some weird looks from people when he first told them the idea back in 2010. Also, if you’re looking to raise money listen to the one thing you should know and the one book you should read.

Dave Baggett is the founder of Inky.

Show Notes

Our guest for this episode is Dave Baggett and he is here today to introduce their email app creation, Inky. This next generation app manages all personal, work and web mail accounts in one place and can sort email by relevance as well as provide a unified inbox. Inky also features phishing detection, package tracking within the email message, one-click unsubscribe, drag and drop functionality and an uncluttered design so you can focus on the ones you need to work on.

Here are the highlights of my discussion with Dave:

  • Why he choose to tackle this project despite affording to take endless vacations after landing a $700M acquisition deal with Google,
  • Aggressive minimalism and how he figures out which features to build and which complexities to replace without losing any of the app’s power,
  • How he decides what their MVP would look like,
  • His frustrations on other people’s perceptions about his vision and how he got through this low point,
  • How his aim to come up with a brand that brings sensibility to the mail space, is emotion-based, and is meaningful to people got him to decide in coming up with the name ‘Inky’, and
  • The story behind buying the Inky domain and his thoughts about monetization.

Dave is also an angel investor and he shares to us Venture Capital 101 lessons, tips for startups who want to raise money and resources you can start from.

Show Mentions

– Book: Venture Deals

– Fav app: Amazon: (iTunes | Google Play)

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