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As you may already know, iOS 11 just came out and I’d want to do this episode so I can explore it together with you. Let’s check out the major tabs:

  • Today Section – You will see notes from the editors and it has a journalistic feel in it as if you are reading a journal or a magazine as I believe that Apple is trying to tap in the feed mentality that we are all accustomed to. It highlights items such as the Game of the Day and App of the Day, which are different from Featured Apps in the App Store. There are opportunities in this section as getting featured in here will definitely drive downloads. You may see steady downloads here versus being featured in the App Store wherein you will have increases for about 7 days or so, then will decline afterwards.
  • Games Section – This is another section dedicated to games so this is another opportunity to get our brands out there. I noticed that they are promoting a lot of AR apps in this section so this is another channel to get featured if you are into AR.
  • Apps Section – This is the space for non-apps and they are featuring AR again so this should give you a hint to integrate new Apple technologies as you can.

Overall, my opinion is that this update is a great thing for app developers. The changes will be phenomenal for all of us as my hunch states that we will have lots of new opportunities to be featured leading to more downloads. I learned that our Spanish Mexico hack still works and I will work on discovering more tips and tricks for iOS 11 which I can share with you guys soon!

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