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Are you considering using PR as part of your app launch strategy? Are you wondering how many downloads a PR campaign can generate for your app?

I answer those questions and so much more in this video.

How many downloads can I get from a PR campaign?


Noah: What is up guys? Noah from Noah Skylander Path. Please check out my channel and subscribe. But today we’re not at my channel and we are going to be ask – and I am going to be asking app marketing questions today. So let’s get started. Is PR – is PR worth the investment?

Steve: That’s a great question Noah, thank you so much for doing that for me. So is PR worth the investment? And here’s how I’ll answer it. I obviously am a little bit biased, because I run an app marketing promotion agency.

But I think it’s one of the best channels to use to really launch your app. And it can do wonders.

We’ve done amazing amounts of downloads with just PR alone.

The fact of PR is, you’ve got to kind of think of it like investing in stocks, right? We all want an Apple stock, and because of the relationships that we at Runway have built, we know that we’re not going to have a complete dud on our hands. But the same time, not every stock is going to take off like an Apple stock.

And so if your app solves a real need in the market, then PR is a great way to drive downloads. Because you’re not going to get – the amount of downloads that you can drive through PR, you will have to spend a fortune if you’re running any type of UA campaigns or any type of UCPI campaigns.

‘Cause you’re going to charge per download, but unlike PR, we can do massive amounts of downloads. Which means you get pennies, basically pennies per download if your app really solves a real need in the market. It’s a great way to launch. And one of the beauties of it also is that it builds trust with the users.

‘Cause you’re on blogs like TechCrunch, AppAdvice, Tech Cocktail, SocialTimes. And being on these types of media platforms builds trust, gives that third party validation to the end user who’s reading about your app.

So it’s a great way to get exposure. What’s next Noah?

Noah: How many downloads can I get from a PR campaign?

Steve: Oh this is one of my favorite questions. It’s something I get asked all the time. It’s, “How many downloads can you get per a PR campaign?” And like I said before, it’s like investing in stocks. So if you have an Apple stock, it’s going to really take off.

But there’s no guarantees, right?

And so that’s why I say, “If you’re looking for guaranteed downloads, if you have a budget of let’s say 10 to 15 thousand dollars, I recommend using a CPI campaign or going to sites that can drive downloads per dollars, essentially. And that gives you guaranteed downloads.”

But we’ve done anywhere from hundreds of downloads for an app launch to hundreds of thousands of downloads. It all really depends on the app that you’re building.

And so, to say that there’s an exact number, we can’t say.

We can say is – we’ve built up really good relationships with a lot of these bloggers, that we know almost 89% of the time – I mean 90 to 100% of the time, your app will be covered by one of these big publications because of the relationships we’ve built.

But it’s up to your app. It’s up to your app, it’s up to your promotion as well to get it, to spread it out there a little bit more. And so, we guarantee that you’ll get some visibility, but then it’s ultimately up to the problem that you’re solving – is that solving a real need?

And if it is, it’s really going to translate into lots and lots of downloads.


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