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What are the Retention Strategies that You Need to Focus On?

When it comes to retention strategies for your app, it’s best if you start by considering its features. Depending on your sophistication, in terms of your experience, the features in your app will help you decide what strategies to use to keep your users.

It’s also recommended that you use a tool that analyzes and monitors your engagement. A number use separate tools for this, but it’s better if you use one tool that does both jobs like CleverTap. If you use one tool, you can make decisions based on the real-time analytics that are coming in. You should also look at your funnel analysis and determine what stage your users are dropping off or when they convert.

How Personalization Helps With User Retention and Conversion?

Personalization is the name of the game today. You can be strategic in this way by mentioning the user’s name and location in the notification. You can also deep link them into something they did in the app and take them back there.

A number of users uninstall an app due to lack of personalization in the push notification. The campaign for personalization can be triggered based on the users’ profile, and their past behavior and actions. There are also time-based triggered notifications that apply to those who are likely to convert at a given time.If a certain group of users are likely to add something in their card within 15 minutes, you can send them a trigger notification within that window to upsale or convert at a discount. This enhances conversion greatly.

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