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Should you have your target keywords in your app name? How much weight should you put per category? The answer is yes, you should and below is a breakdown on where you should spend them on:

  • App Name (iOS)or App Title (Google Play)– This has the biggest weight. With this, you should place your most desired, most coveted keywords in this area.
  • AppSubtitle (iOS) or the Short Description (Google Play)– Have your secondary keywords here, those which are just as relevant but with less difficulty.
  • Keyword fields (iOS) or the Long Description (Google Play) – place everything else that you want to target here.

Along with the tips I shared in the past about leveraging Sensor Tower and Mobile Action’s analytics, we used these strategies for a client and as you can see in the video, we got him from ranking nothing to ranks 9th and 18th for US Subtitles and US Keywords respectively. But the cool part was that, when we readjusted and moved the keywords from the US Keywords to US Subtitles, we went up to Rank 8! Just by moving it to the US Keyword Field to the actual Subtitle, we jumped 10 spots.

Another hack I did was to put our targeted keywords to the Spanish-Mexico App Name (I still kept it in the US Subtitle) which brought us up from Rank 9 to Rank 6. We increased our ranking as we started moving keywords up to ranks as well—from Keyword Fields up to the App Name.

Check out the video as the visuals will aid you greatly in learning these tricks.


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