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Kony, Inc. - Burley Kawasaki

Kony, Inc. – Burley Kawasaki


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About the Episode

Today’s guest talks about a shift that’s happening in the app space from consumer facing apps to enterprise apps for internal use and he shares how you can quickly and efficiently create entreprise level apps. Also, listen to his tips and tricks on how to build a product roadmap that is focused on your core competency.

Burley Kawasaki is the Senior Vice President, Products & Strategy at Kony, Inc.

Show Notes

Quickly and Efficiently Creating Enterprise Level Apps 

The budget is lower and the time is shorter in building enterprise apps so unlike traditional mobile development, enterprise developers favor design and prototyping tools. You would want to leverage on these visual tools so you can refrain from coding as much as you can as these codes are hard to come by. Enterprises may still need developers but they are starting to embrace rapid mobile app development. It’s now all about visual design and a lot of the generation of the application code as opposed to brute force or starting from scratch.

How to Build a Product Roadmap

Creating a product roadmap can be the hardest thing to do but can also be the most important thing to do.It’s a blend of art and science as it requires a lot of creativity and vision. You can come up with a lot of great ideas but surprisingly, the toughest thing to decide on is what not to do.

To put the roadmap together, there are three general inputs we look at and the first starts with our customers. We have to understand their need, look for gaps, and deliver value basing on our knowledge of the business. Second is looking at the competition. What are they releasing? How can we ensure we deliver superior experience and breakthrough? We make sure we do competitive analysis. Third, we look at the market trend. We invest significantly on research and development as it helps us anticipate on the possible trends for us to decide on next steps. We go through these processes to come up with our roadmap.

Show Mentions

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