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Mobile App Chat - Steve Young

Mobile App Chat – Steve Young


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About the Episode

Coming up is an interview I did on Scotty Ruth’s My Appventure podcast back in May of 2013. We were both just getting started with our podcasts and I talk about the schedule I put into place that has allowed me to leave my corporate job and earn a living all on my own. I know there are a few folks currently at corporate jobs and I hope that this either inspires you or gives you some guidance on how I was finally able to take the entrepreneurial leap and NOT fall flat on my face.

Show Notes

Developing apps, running a podcast, managing businesses on the side and being a parent is a balancing act and a feat to master. Our guest for today is entrepreneur Steve P. Young, an app developer and the host of The Mobile App Chat, to name a few.

In this episode, Steve will share to us how he started in the app industry, how his normal day looks like and a lot more in between. Here are the highlights of my discussion with Steve:

  • Building his first game at such young age, his college background and what led him to develop his first two apps,
  • The different platforms, frameworks and options in coding and what made him choose to work with Corona,
  • How he approaches game marketing, getting his games out and his strategies in optimizing his apps,
  • Using his podcast as a way to learn new things and sharing of take aways from his guests,
  • Low points in his mobile app journey and the lessons he learned from rejection,
  • His definition of success, where he has set his sights on, and how close he is to his goals,
  • Juggling family and business, scheduling and prioritization, habit loops and most importantly, rewarding yourself to make it all worthwhile. 

On top of this, you will hear his own advice to the Steve who was about to launch his first app, which can resonate to your own journey:

“Keep launching, keep building, don’t worry about all the down times you’re going to have and talk to people early on.”

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