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L'escapadou - Pierre Abel

L’escapadou – Pierre Abel


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About the Episode

You know how everyone is saying that you can’t make a living being an indie developer? Well today’s guest has over 1.3 Million downloads and has earned over $1.5 Million building educational kids apps. You’ll hear his story and how he was able to accomplish it all on his own. Also, listen to his tip about creating separate apps for the different languages and how he’s able to better monetize using this strategy.

Pierre Abel is the founder of L’escapadou.

Show Notes

Making Millions in Apps

Pierre shared that the basics in making money from your apps is having the understanding for how your product works. For his apps, for example, he ensured that he knew how the educational system is working and the methodologies that come with it. He also got inspiration from real world educational materials and made up a solid plan from there on.

Make something interesting, something that doesn’t exist yet and build it with a great user interface.You have to put magic in your apps and do a lot of testing as well. 

Localizing and Monetizing Your Apps

Pierre split up his apps in different languages and also made changes in the prices per location. He decides on the market to work on through connections like friend and bloggers who he would ask favors to do some marketing for him in their respective countries.

When he localizes, he localizes everything – the name, the descriptions, the keywords. Translations are tricky and far from being easy but you have to do it well because people will not buy your app if they are not. You can do this by using a service where somebody really checks the translations out. 

What advice would you give anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Do something that you love because if you do, you will do it great. If you don’t, you won’t finish it.

Show Mentions


– Fav app: DragonBox: (iTunes | Google Play)

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