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Locket - Yunha Kim

Locket – Yunha Kim


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About the Episode

Are you an Android developer looking for a clever way to re-engage with your users? Well today’s guest built a technology that allows you to utilize the complete lock screen to bring users back into your app. Also, listen to the story of how a sticker on her laptop landed Tyra Banks as an investor for her company.

Yunha Kim is the Co-Founder and CEO of Locket – lock screen app.

Show Notes

For today’s episode, we have Yunha Kim on the show, the co-founder and CEO of the interesting app called Locket, which has about half a million users at this time.

We started the show with Yunha sharing about not really planning to be an entrepreneur until she already had both feet in the water.Their company started in New York and was born out of a very simple idea which had later shifted into a more dynamic app. Join us a Yunha shares:

  • Locket’s features such as the ability to share and interact with other users by casting relevant content to other people’s lock screens by following each other, just like other social media platforms such as Twitter,
  • Their launch experience with TechCrunch and the results that follow — from the hundreds of emails receive in a day up to a hacker who eventually became their company engineer,
  • How her intuitive mentality led her to land Tyra Banks as one of their investors, and
  • Her three-sentence pitch in structuring a good cold email and getting press, 

Yunha also shares about her favorite app, her Halloween app idea and how she lived in a $2 per meal budget that you might be interested about.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Fancy: (iTunes | Google Play)
– Locket: Lock Screen App (Google Play)
Locket Developer SDK



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