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Loqheart - David Ngo

Loqheart – David Ngo


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About the Episode

Are you writing really long boring emails that you send to bloggers? Well listen to how today’s guest landed press for his app by sending a simple email asking for feedback on his app icon. Also, listen to the part of the show where he found beta testers on Reddit.

David Ngo is the co-founder of Loqheart.

Show Notes

What is the result of a rocket scientist and a genius programmer deciding to make a game about shooting cats out of cannons? An app featured by Apple, garnering over two million downloads in a span of few months.

For today’s show, we have David Ngo, co-founder at Loqheart and yes, a former rocket guy. Below are the highlights of my talk with David:

  • Monetizing through power ups and the rationale behind switching from free to paid model for their first app,Cannon Cat,
  • Working on having a polished product, marketability, building a community, reaching out to Apple and everything in between to increase your chances in getting featured,
  • Pitching Cannon Cat to the press, putting effort and of being genuine when it comes to PR and marketing, and
  • All about their new game, Prestige:A Wizard Academy Simulation, throwing away 6-months’ worth of art, soliciting beta testers and live ops. 

David also shares to us what the life of an indie developer is like and talks to us about how the failure of Cannon Cat served as his biggest lesson which taught him to put his realistic hat on and to always keep his assumptions in check.

Show Mentions

Site: Cannon Cat

Site: InVision

Episode: David Smith

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