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Lucky Day - Joshua Javaheri

Lucky Day – Joshua Javaheri


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About the Episode

You will hear how a college student raised half a million dollars with just a pitch deck and designs of his app. He reveals what he put into the pitch deck and some tips you can use if you are looking to raise money. Also, he talks about why you should start a company while in college and some tips on how to leverage your school to make the right connections.

Joshua Javaheri is the CEO and Founder of Lucky Day

Show Notes

The Key to Effective Pitch Decks 

Keeping it very simple is the ultimate tip that Joshua has for people who are preparing pitch desks. In his, he only had 15 to 20 slides but he only went through each slide for only a matter of seconds. When you know your product so well, the pitch deck will serve as mere visuals. You should be able to get your visions across with just 6 to 10 words.

Why Start a Company While in College 

Joshua believes that you are only going to be in this planet for so long so you need to take advantage of your time here. If you want to start a company, if you want to change the world, if you want to grow that million-dollar idea, you should start right away…right away! College gives you the opportunity to test out your ideas with minimal risks. Once you are out of school, the opportunity declines exponentially because you will now have bills to worry about. So take this chance and get to it right away.

Leveraging School to Make Connections

Besides joining clubs, talking to people in the different industries is the way to get yourself out there. When you talk to different types of people, it helps you to come up with different ideas. Joshua also recommends being with other people that have the qualities that you like to help you cope with your own ideas. Take advantage of professors as well, they are very eager to share their experiences and knowledge without any charge.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Wunderlist: (iTunes | Google Play)

One Comment

  • Ryan says:

    Not a very good app as there are flaws in the game …I have pointed it out to Joshua and support team at lucky day but they seem complacent with the way they operate I did mention the blackjack table if you bet max the game stops and you end up losing your chips that you have placed. Also there is no operating button for insurance …this was also pointed out..Not a very pleasant application.
    Seriously would not recommend downloading this game.

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