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LumiFi – Beatrice Witzgall


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About the Episode

Did you know that lighting impacts your mood and biology? Well today’s guest built smart lighting technology and she talks about the settings you need to become more productive, relaxed, and romantic. Also, if you are looking to transition from client work to tech start-up then listen to the part of the show where she shares her advice on how she’s been able to do it.

Beatrice Witzgall is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of LumiFi.

Show Notes

Lighting to Enhance Productivity, Relaxation or Romance

Lighting in a room can be manipulated to enhance any mood. Basically, our bodies respond to specific colors and illuminating a room with these specific colors can boost or encourage any mood we want. Have you ever wondered why some people find it hard to sleep with the lights on? Or when the TV is on? Beatrice tells us that the production of melatonin in our body is affected by the colors of the light we expose our bodies to. Effectively manipulating the colors of the lights, turning up some, toning down some is to successfully enhance any mood we want to be in, for a specific activity, at a specific time and at a specific place. 

Transitioning from Client-based Work to Tech Start-up Work

It is hard to scale up with client-based work because of the limitations of time. One can only do so much for a client at any given time. But client-based work can be the launching pad for tech start –up work. If your present job or training is so well defined that it hard to break out, you can still use it to transition to tech start-ups. The scale factor of the tech start–up is absolutely amazing and you know you cannot just ignore tech start-up business possibilities. So, experiment with the different business models. The learning curves in the brave new world of start up businesses are definitely steep and the daily grind of building a business may overwhelm you so much, you forget the creativity part. The advice is to make sure you know the basics so that as you go on you learn to do them in half the time. This will give you room for the creativity part.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: LumiFi: (iTunes)

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