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Magellan LLC -  Greg McGregor

Magellan LLC – Greg McGregor


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About the Episode

Are you like me and sometimes you make up our own roadblocks that prevent us from taking action? Well today’s guest talks about how you can overcome those roadblocks and turn them into success. Also, listen to his story about how he lost it all at a previous company and how he was able to pick himself up again.

Greg McGregor is the CEO of Magellan LLC

Show Notes

Turning roadblocks to success

When designing an app, it is important that you step back and do some critical thinking. Greg had a customer before wherein they worked months to figure out what she wanted but after all those work, she didn’t approve of the outcome and wanted Greg to take over. His usual thinking when this happens would be to put up a PowerPoint, put the screen designs together, come back and pitch it again. But this time, he asked the lead to just simply agree, and hours later, they signed the deal.

At times, we just really have to step back and think what our customers are really asking. A lot of times, it’s really as simple as saying ‘yes’ to what they are asking instead of pushing back and having it your own way, even if think that your way is better because it worked before. If you detach yourself from what’s going on and look at the big picture, you will be amazed to see that you were actually the one getting in your way most of the time.

Losing and getting back up

When Greg was a young entrepreneur and was doing well, he got intimidated with all the businesses he was bringing in. He got nervous about losing them so he brought someone in to carry it forward to the next level but instead, it tanked everything in a period of time.

Being an entrepreneur is a journey and having highs and lows are part of the journey but when he lost hundreds of millions of dollars and it was such a blow for him to lose everything and start over.

It didn’t happen overnight and he went through a decade of pain but after that, he got up, started over and now, they are doing better.

What is the #1 thing you’d like the listener to walk away with from this interview?

Be really clear about what you’re doing and what you’re trying to solve. Define it in two or three sentences.

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