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Marketing Access Pass - Anthony Tran

Marketing Access Pass – Anthony Tran


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About the Episode

Have you always had the entrepreneurial spirit but you feel stuck in corporate life? Well today’s guest talks about the 3 things he had in place before leaving his corporate life and building the business of his dreams. Also listen to the one strategy that he used to build relationships with some of the most influential people.

Anthony Tran is the founder at Marketing Access Pass.

Show Notes

Things to Factor in Before Leaving Corporate Life

When Anthony decided to leave corporate life on Oct. 1, 2013, he had these three leaning criteria for his exit strategy:

  1. Ensure that he will do what he is passionate about – In the past,he made websites which he did not have any interest in and was just doing it for affiliate links or a form of a monetization channel. They had always failed so this time around, he told himself that whatever he does, it has to be something he loves.
  2. Ensure that his wife and son is on board – Setting expectations that this route may affect them financially, he wanted to make sure that his family is with him in the decision so they will not be resentful or mad if ever that time comes.
  3. Ensure that he had a mentor to keep him going – he hired John Lee Dumas to be his coach for three months and it was the best decision that he has ever made. He learned a lot of strategies and he got him connected to people.

Offer Value to Build Relationships

When he was working with John, one of the biggest takeaways from him is how he builds relationships which attributed a lot in his success. What he learned is that the key to building relationships is knowing how you can offer value to people armed with good intentions and without asking anything in return. He was advised to just reach out to people and to not be scared as the worse they can do is say no.

He started building connections online, social media, his local community and through his Mastermind group where he shared content for free. Through that, he got clients coming in from referrals and had started relationships with influencers.

What advice can you give for anyone looking to leave corporate life?

It’s going to take longer than you expect so be realistic.Don’t ever give up and just keep going because your ideas are going to evolve and you are going to learn things along the way.

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