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Mediaegg - Aliza Sherman

Mediaegg – Aliza Sherman


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About the Episode

Do you have difficulty with writing a bio or trying to sell yourself? Well today’s guest talks about how to properly promote yourself and hook people from the start. Also, if you are looking to speak at conferences then listen to her tips about how to find conferences and sell yourself as a speaker.

Aliza Sherman is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Motivational Speaker, Author, Freelance Writer at Mediaegg LLC.

Show Notes

How to Promote Oneself and Hook People from the Start: 

Social media has made everyone accessible. Someone, anyone can type anyone’s name,  hit “search” and probably find out a lot about that person. Essentially we are all products. Thus, learning to properly communicate who you are and what you do are crucial to personal branding. There are ways to promote oneself that traditional bios lack, such as:

  • Include information about how a friend, a client or a coworker thinks of you
  • Invest in a great photo of yourself that shows your positive side
  • Have a moniker or a tag line that describes you

Tips on How to Find Conferences

  • Be sure to have a speaker page on your website. Talk about your topics on that page. So if people do a search on Google about “speaker topic” your name can pop up.
  • Post a speaker bio on relevant websites, some are free and some are paid
  • Join websites that are related to your topic and let everyone know what you do and your topics
  • Have a manager; managers can be more focused in finding engagements for you

Tips on How to Sell Oneself as a Speaker

  • A speaker must know his topic well. A successful speaker must have several topics in his resume that he can talk about effectively, discuss insight fully and relevantly to today’s current concerns. Topics therefore should be as specific as possible. Marketing is a topic. To be totally effective, insightful and relevant a marketing topic for example can be about social media marketing to reach women. This is specific and can be uniquely your topic alone. Try to build a name as a speaker about this specific topic.
  • A speaker must understand his audience. If you know your audience, they would be easier to reach and more understanding, especially at the beginning of you career.
  • A speaker should never be commercial. The information a speaker imparts should be enough. Do not get up there and talk about yourself and then try to sell a product to the audience. This can create negative feelings in your listeners.

Show Mentions

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