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MeetingKing - Edwin Siebesma

MeetingKing – Edwin Siebesma


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About the Episode

Are you running meetings where the participants are staring at their iPhones? Well today’s guests is the former CEO of WinZip and he talks about how his product can help you run more effective meetings. Also, listen to his book recommendation and the mistakes you maybe making when building your product.

Edwin Siebesma is the Founder and CEO of MeetingKing.

Show Notes

Running Effective Meetings

There are 11 million business meetings per day in the US alone and 47% of people interviewed consider them as a big waste of time. Meetings are pain points so these are the two phases you can focus on to improve that:


It is greatly important to set a goal and prepare an agenda. Attendees have to think ahead of what they want to discuss and what their position is in a certain topic or the meeting will be meaningless. The goal and the agenda will also dictate who your participants are. If you invite people who should not be involved in the meeting, they will end up bored, do other stuff and may possible derail the meeting. The goal will also define the venue and method of your meeting (in person, WebEx, conference), the amount of time you will need and the materials you need to prepare.

Follow Up

You need to record the minutes of the meeting rather than just people scribble their own tasks or else, you will not keep track of the tasks that other people should do. If you just rely that they will do the tasks given to them, it is possible that nothing will happen. You have to document key points, decisions made, deliverables and the assigned tasks. Carry tasks forward if needed until you complete it.If these are completed, you can use this to start your next meeting in a positive note when you highlight these achievements.

Product-building mistakes and a book to remedy it

Companies invest too much too soon in marketing. Sometimes, the product is not ready yet when launched so there is poor conversion and therefore acquisition cost becomes too high. Edwin recommends Nail It and Scale It as the book gets your products ready, makes sure your product market fit is and enables you to go after it.

What is the #1 thing you’d like the listener to walk away with from this interview?

Design and focus on the core is really important both for actual development and also for your marketing. Keep your focus narrow but have a long term vision where it could go.

Show Mentions

How to run an effective meeting

Nail It then Scale It Book

– Fav app: Gmail: (iTunes | Google Play)

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