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Menu Translator - Roslyn Young

Menu Translator – Roslyn Young


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About the Episode

Are you starting from scratch for each new app that you build? Well listen to how today’s guest is repurposing the same piece of code for multiple revenue streams. And no she’s not reskinning apps. Also, listen to her approach about holistically thinking about her app business.

Roslyn Young is the developer of Menu Translator.

Show Notes

In this episode, Roslyn Young, the developer of Menu Translator, talks to us straight from Sydney about an app which could translate Italian menus to English. With the rise of the foodie phenomenon everywhere – and the fact that last year, more than half (57%) of our foodie population bought Italian specialty items — combined with Italy being among the top destinations for American travellers, our guest’s app can be the perfect tool for this generation.

Join us as Roslyn passionately shares to us how her firsthand experiences as a foodie traveller inspired her in coming up with the app, and as she talks about the following topics as well:

  • A detailed background on how the idea crept in during her years in Hong Kong while she was yearning local Chinese food,
  • The inclusions in her app including the interesting phrases added in to make our lives easier when inside an Italian restaurant,
  • Her helpful insights in the app business specifically in not putting all energy solely in the launch phase but building a roadmap from the creation of your app up until multiplying it into many businesses,
  • Her long term plans of making a suite of products and repurposing her app to tap at other revenue streams,
  • Her surprises and disappointments during her press release and launch phases, and
  • Her advice in working and handling the people you work with.

It is as it sounds – more like an eating tool rather than a dictionary, and this is what makes this app unique. Look out for more development of Roslyn’s app as she comes up with other languages such as Spanish, French, Russian and other cross translation.  More reasons for foodies to smile.  Bon Appetit!

Show Mentions

– Site: PRMac
– Fav app: Brain Wave: (iTunes | Google Play)

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