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Mindset Hack From Seth Godin

Have you found yourself so committed to a goal only to have it dissipate after a few days or months?

Want an easy mindset hack that will keep you committed to your goals and move you one step closer to your dreams?

I recently heard Seth Godin on the Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner and it was mind blowing!

Mike asked Seth, how he writes on his blog every single day? And Seth said that he committed himself to writing so that in his mind it wasn’t a “should I write today?”, it became “what will I write today?”.

Just by swapping the “should” for “what” can easily transform your mindset into building instead of thinking about building.

After hearing Seth say that I immediately thought of 10 different blog posts that I can write. And the main takeaway from the episode is that it’s more important to create a building habit.


I am officially committing myself to writing 5 days a week.

If you’d like to commit to writing every day, then here are some other barriers you should NOT care about:

  • Length of blog post
  • Grammatical errors
  • Topic

I committed to a 3 day a week podcast back last year and I have yet to miss an episode and making that commitment has allowed me to do so many great things:

  • Build a brand
  • Run an agency
  • Leave corporate job
  • Build my own mastermind
  • Build more of my custom apps

We tend to let many mental blocks get in the way and we forget that sometimes it’s just about building the habit first and then figuring it out along the way that leads to success.

Question for You

What are you committed to doing? Leave a comment below and let’s rock this thing together.

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