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Coming up, we are going to talk all about acquisitions. You are going to discover, what acquirers look for in gaming acquisitions, how to prepare your company for the buyer and what factors cause a deal to get derailed.

Steve Wade is the Managing Director, Media & Entertainment at Atlas Technology Group LLC.


01:24 – An inside peek on what goes on during mergers and acquisitions.

02:26 – The scope on what acquirers are aggressively keen on during acquisitions.

06:04 – User base and other metrics that makes a company attractive to acquirers.

12:59 – Ensuring success involves creating a winning team and a little ‘self-care’ on the side.

15:28 – A list to focus on when preparing your company for a potential buyer.

24:14 – Considerations that a company should look for from prospective acquirers.

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