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Mobile Dev Memo - Eric Seufert

Mobile Dev Memo – Eric Seufert


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About the Episode

Are you planning to launch an app using the popular freemium model? Well today’s guests wrote a book about freemium economics and he talks about the right scenarios to use the freemium model. Also, listen to his tip about building a mobile app and he breaks down the process of figuring out whether or not to build the app.

Eric Seufert is the Editor of Mobile Dev Memo & Head of Marketing of Wooga.

Show Notes

In today’s show, we will be talking about mobile monetization and I just have the perfect guest for this topic:  Eric Seufert, Head of Marketing of Wooga, the company that brought us the mega hits Jelly Splash, Pearl’s Peril, and Bubble Island among others. Eric is also the editor of Mobile Dev Memo.

Eric and I started off with a good discussion about the freemium model and continued on with the following topics:

  • The book that he authored, Freemium Economics, which tackles following:
    • the differences in how the idealistic and the business-minded view the freemium model as a marketing strategy,
    • his take on the 5% rule in understanding when the freemium model is appropriate,
    • diversifying product catalogues to make it more viable and,
    • learning about the continuous monetization curve and his thoughts about SEO driving the downloads.
  • Eric also goes through what he has seen as the need for a portfolio that represented a resource for mobile app development thereby triggering the creation of Mobile Dev Memo.  In this site, Eric talks about how aggregate items from all over the web are turned into easily searchable articles and where you can learn from all they need to know about mobile analytics.
  • We also shared valuable perspective on paid acquisitions and ‘hustling’ in the mobile marketing context.

Listen is as Eric closed with a great advice on market assessment and steps you should think thoroughly about before even touching a single code.

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