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MochiBits - Kyle Yamamoto

MochiBits – Kyle Yamamoto

Mochi Bits - Howard Go

MochiBits – Howard Go


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About the Episode

How do you design a game that turns a casual user into an addict? Well listen to the framework that today’s guests use when designing their games that have led to over 4 million downloads. Also, listen to the advice that both guests give about building apps for a living.

Howard Go & Kyle Yamamoto are the Co-Founders of MochiBits.

Show Notes

Sixty-four percent of mobile users play games in a daily basis, yielding ahigher percentage than social media, news or music.It makes sense that most of our app entrepreneurs are entering the gaming scene either as startups or to widen their platforms.

Our guests for today are founders of MochiBits , a two-man independent mobile game company which had developed games such as Word Gobble, SwipeTapTap, Word to Word,Left vs Right and a lot more. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s meet business partners Howard Dy Go and Kyle Yamamato, as they share to us strategies on how to hook gamers in and make them fall in love with your games, as well as the following tidbits:

  • How their bro-mance started and what inspired them to leave their fulltime jobs and pursue their dreams,
  • Releasing their apps in multiple platforms and the surprising revenue and download breakdown between IOS, Google and Amazon,
  • The ideas which formed their 11 apps, their market validation techniques such as checking the app stores to ensure there’s nothing like it, checking the demographic and deciding on their niche,
  • Their communication methods they use to bridge the miles between them, the struggles with having business partners and their own advice to those looking at entering a partnership,
  • The interesting discussion on how to make sure that the games you create are engaging, the concepts they are currently fascinated in and learning what source tree is all about.

Research, goal-determination, a combination of choosing the right app and monetizing your product – things that you should indeed consider in starting your own app. Take it from Howard and Kyle.

Show Mentions

– App: Candy Crush: (iTunes | Google Play)

– Source Tree: (iTunes)

– Site: Bit Bucket

– Fav app: Tweetbot: (iTunes)

– Fav app: Nebulus: (iTunes)



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