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Morweb CMS - Murad Bushnaq

Morweb CMS – Murad Bushnaq


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About the Episode

Do you have a pain or frustration for a product that you wish existed? Well today’s guest had a frustration that led him to launch his latest product. Also, listen to the clever marketing campaign that helped land press and also a partnership with United Way.

Murad Bushnaq is the Founder and CEO of Morweb CMS.

About Morweb CMS

We’ve designed everything about Morweb for the least technical users…the kind of folks who just want to pop in the keys and have it work.

– Silky Smooth Drag & Drop
– In-Context Editing
– Galleries Others Envy
– Instant Image Optimization

Morweb comes installed with sophisticated responsive website templates, gallery templates, email marketing templates for free. You are then welcome to apply your own style or code or upload your own templates with FTP.

Morweb was specifically designed to give you total freedom. Your design, css, templates and all content is yours to keep and can be exported from Morweb at anytime. Since Morweb outputs clean static html code you can take your website and it will work on other web host without Morweb CMS

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