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Muted Solutions - Derick Bailey

Muted Solutions – Derick Bailey


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About the Episode

Are you thinking of releasing and selling your first product? Well today’s guest talks about how he got over the fear of selling and now makes $2,500 a month from selling his screencasts. Also, if you’re thinking about taking the entrepreneurial leap then listen to the part of the show where he shares how we finally made the jump and his advice for those who are already on their own.

Derick Bailey is a software developer and founder of Signal Leaf and WatchMeCode.

Show Notes

Having the Confidence to Sell

Derick gives credit to his co-worker as he is a guy who would see an idea and would just go and do it for the sake of doing it. Seeing his work and his ability to just throw it all in the wind gave him the confidence to hit record. He was constantly pushed by his co-worker to sell his product and he sold most of his products mainly through Twitter as he had built up a decent following due to his popular blog. Through feedback from his customers, he was also able to nail the right marketing message in his sales page which increased satisfaction rates from his customers.

Making the Entrepreneurial Leap

Derick has started being an entrepreneur when he was in his teens but had entered the corporate world like the most of us for quite a number of years. But his itch and desire to do something on his own did not leave him and so when he attended a conference and he got approached to do some after-hours work, he started building an LLC from there to put up a consulting business. It was placed into a halt as he had his first child but after he got offered some contract work, he jumped ship for good and got lucky with that contractual work as they already had strings of clients.

What’s the one thing you would like our audience to walk away with?

Do not give up. You will want to give up but don’t. Push through it.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Paper by 53: (iTunes)

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