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Are you looking to get PR for your app launch? Well, you’re going to discover my all-time favorite and most effective subject line formula to help you get press.

Your subject line is a critical thing as it can make or break you. If you cannot get that reporter to open your email, you are never going to get them to say yes in covering app launch, your announcements or in whatever you are trying to ask them to do.

My favorite way of getting press is to give somebody the exclusive. Once you find the reported who you want to pitch to, make it exclusive for him or her. The subject line could start as “Exclusive for Steve:”followed by the formula below.

Piggybacking – piggyback off a well-known brand, app or product. Examples:

  • If Flappy Bird was an astronaut
  • Farmville meets Candy Crush
  • Snapchat meets Yik Yak

Using this format this makes it clear what your app does.

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