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Want to preload your apps directly on to a user’s phone? Well today’s guest talks about how their new platform allows you to run ads and with a single tap bypass the Google Play Store and have your app directly on a user’s phone. Also, listen to how indies can take advantage of this platform and what categories of apps perform best.

Matt Tubergen is the EVP of Global Revenues and Growth at Digital Turbine.


04:17 – Leveraging SingleTap as a small company
06:00 – Ignite’s app preloading system: how it works
10:45 – Applications and campaigns that work best for preloading
12:40 – Type of campaigns that work best for the SingleTap platform
14:00 – An in-depth of how SingleTap works
18:10 – Ignite’s ability to target users by a given region

Show Mention

– Fav app: Life360: (iTunes | Google Play)

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