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NerdWallet - Shiyan Koh

NerdWallet – Shiyan Koh


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About the Episode

Do you feel like you have to raise money to even have a chance at successful company? Well, listen how the founders of NerdWallet validated their initial idea and bootstrapped the company to now over 50 employees. Also, listen to why and how they are doubling down on content marketing.

Shiyan Koh is the VP, Personal Finance at NerdWallet.

Show Notes

“What credit card should I get?” With the thousands of credit cards out there, this is a simple question that could take us a lot of time getting answers to if we don’t have an expert to help us figure this out. This is also the question where the company, NerdWallet, has started from and today, we have their VP of Personal Finance to talk us about financials and more.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Shiyan Koh:

  • All about NerdWallet: their vision, how the company started and how it grew, how it was like in the early days and their most discouraging times,
  • How they figured out that the need in the market for this business,
  • Being fresh, focusing on human and emotional elements and other aspects to consider in content marketing,
  • Reaching out to journalists (and being prepared to get rejected) and promoting their articles after their creation,
  • The struggles of being a company which had been bootstrapped since it was built,
  • The relationship between value and traffic, and matching supply with demand, and
  • Common mistakes that consumers make financially. 

It has been observed that it is not natural for people to compare prices so we are actually not aware of what a great deal is. As Shiyan mentions in this show, we all need a change of behavior in terms of asking questions about the things we accept before saying yes, to be able to manage our finances effectively.

Show Mentions

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