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Business is built on competition. In fact, it’s its very nature. You compete to have the best product, the most preferred service, the most number of downloads, likes, subscribers, followers – you name it. You compete for everything to push your business to the top.

The only question is: Who are you competing with?

A rookie mistake all entrepreneurs make is competing with everybody else. They start playing the compare game. Thinking about why another start-up has better numbers. Thinking about why another vlogger has more shares. Thinking about how in the world can Angelina Jolie’s legs have more followers than they do.

And once you jump into that rabbit hole of comparison, you can go in so deep, that you won’t be able to climb your way out of it.

We have an unhealthy pre-occupation over other people’s accomplishment and that is keeping us away from our own success. Outdo You is a reminder that the only person that’s worthy of competition is yourself.

So, instead of pointlessly checking out your competitor’s income numbers, subscription numbers, and download numbers, think to yourself are you outdoing you. Are you better than you were yesterday, or last year?

Comparing yourself to others only makes you lose focus on what’s important – you.

Once you choose to put all your energy into what your competitor is doing rather than what your own business needs to be successful, then you’ve already lost the battle before it has even begun.

But the keyword here is choose. It’s your choice whether you want to spend your valuable time endlessly scrolling through your competitor’s Instagram feed instead of spending it on perfecting your own IG game.

Always choose to focus on you. Focus on your own hustle. Make yourself so busy elevating your own business to the next level that you won’t have any time to spare to even think about what anyone else is doing out there.

Start comparing yourself to yourself.

It’s so easy to get caught up with other people’s career-related accomplishments that you start to forget how to celebrate your own.

Once you shift your focus to what’s happening inside your company instead of what’s going on outside of it, then you’re already one step ahead of your competition.

Because celebrating your own accomplishments also means that you’re given the opportunity to share this win with your employees, your business partners, your audience – all the people that matter to your business.

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