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Overkill - Daniel Maslovský

Overkill – Daniel Maslovský


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About the Episode

Coming up is the story of Craneballs Studio and how three friends turned their passion for creating games into an indie game studio with 20 employees and over 20 million downloads. Also, if you’re thinking about paying for downloads, then you will want to hear what today’s guest has to say about the effectiveness about paid ads.

Daniel Maslovský is the Community & Marketing Manager at Craneballs Studios LLC.

Show Notes

Do guns and money go together? For Craneballs…absolutely!

For this podcast, we have Daniel Maslovsky, Craneballs Studios’Community and Marketing Manager to share with us his arsenal of experience in the mobile app business specifically in their flagship game, Overkill, which had garnered about 18M for their two versions.

Below are the items which Daniel had discussed with me today:

  • Where the idea for Overkill 1 originated, what made them decide to create Overkill 2 and what got these apps to the top,
  • Monetization from widening their gun arsenal and their challenges in price of installs,
  • Their painful experience with reskinning and their key learnings about competition,
  • All about cross promotions, press contacts and PR agencies, giving exclusives and Craneballs’ launch strategies,
  • How CPI works for them and the factors that go with it, and
  • The advertising platform which worked best for them and how they go about targeting ads. 

We had a hearty talk about how this industry keeps changing and Daniel opened up how they are working on multiple projects to keep their business from going sideways but ensuring that they still focus on quality.

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