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Mobile App Chat - Steve P, Young

Mobile App Chat – Steve P, Young


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About the Episode

Coming up is an interview I did with my friend and host of the Parent Startup podcast where I share how I went from side hustler to entrepreneur and why having a business coach was so important in my journey. Also, listen to why taking actions can help silence your inner doubts.

Show Notes

For this special episode, you will find me as a guest in Owen Soba’s Parent Startups podcast where he described me as a young, inspiring entrepreneurial dad, who took the bull by the horns when I took the big leap of leaving my 9 to 5 job to do my thing, my way. (Yes, he really did say that, wink, wink).

The Parent Startups podcast aims to help parents get out of the rat race and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. I had a great time in the show and I am sharing this over hoping that this may inspire someone to take that leap of faith as well.

Here are the highlights of the show:

  • A peek at my career and personal background: dating my wife since we were 15, raising two wonderful kids, managing MobileAppChat and growing my app business.
  • Expanding my personal network and the skills I learned from my previous job, Smart Shoot.
  • Joining a Mastermind, ear marking a date, hiring a business coach, setting a path, and all the events that transpired before I took the risk of leaving my full time job.
  • My advice on people who want to develop their talent and hone them to grow as a side business.
  • How Andrew Warner and his podcast, Mixergy, influenced my decision in changing career paths and the obstacles I had to battle before going through it.
  • The apps I found helpful and the individual I found most inspiring.

At times, people have this ‘get rich quick’ mentality but we have to realize that success does not come overnight.  You have to slowly build your dream and should be prepared to sacrifice your time in order to get there. For me, it also helped that I had someone who asked me the right questions, so I have offered coaching services for our PSU family so I can do the same for someone who has the drive to be an entrepreneur.

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