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Phone Halo - Christian Smith

Phone Halo – Christian Smith


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About the Episode

What do you do when you get rejected by Kickstarter for your crowdfunding campaign? Well today’s guest decided to take it upon himself to run his own crowdfunding campaign on his own website and raise over $30,000. Also, listen to the brilliant move that he made after he raised that initial funding.

Christian Smith is the founder of Phone Halo.

Show Notes

Everyone seems to have gone through the universal challenge of locating remote controls or the hassle caused by misplacing our car keys, phones or wallets at some point. For those who are not aware yet, the technology to save you money, time and exasperation time caused by losing items has already been creative.  In this episode, we have Christian Smith, the founder of Phone Halo, and today, he will talk to us about TrackR as well as:

  • The benefits and features of their products: the Wallet Tracker, Sticker Tracker and Crowd Tracker,
  • The aha-moment that jump started the creation of their first TrackR, and how feedback from users triggered expanding  their product range,
  • Christian’s background in mechanical engineering, what made him get into product hardware,and the details about hardware building that software folks should know,
  • Crowdfunding with Indiegogo and their strategies on how they were able to solicit initial users when they started their own crowdfunding campaigns, and

Christian shares as wellhow listening to your customers can hugely impact your business and some effective ways to get user feedback.Listen in to learn some tips on how to continue growing your business even while standing in line Starbucks.

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