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Coming up, I’m going to share with you 3 simple things you need to land an Apple Feature.

An Apple feature helps you increase your organic downloads and make more money. In addition, it feels great if your app is approved by Apple by including it in their featured apps! To achieve this, here are three simple things that you should aim for.

  1. Tell a great story. We have one client who came to us to get featured by Apple just days before they launched. Since we’re running out of time, I advised them to launch their app and get back to us if they don’t get featured.

They didn’t get featured, so they returned to me and we successfully get them featured. The only change we did is to share a compelling story about the app.

For example:

Think about a game that features a popular movie theme like “Terminator.” The game has robots fighting against each other. So, when we approach Apple we tell this story: “First came Terminator. Second, came Terminator 2. And now comes Clash of the Terminators.”

These are popular themes that you are incorporating in your game and this makes a difference in telling a compelling story. So, if you don’t have a social proof yet, leverage by incorporating a popular movie, song, or anything else in your app.

  1. Have a Video. When you fill out the form on, you will see three links in there and one of it is for video.  You don’t need a video creative for this because a simple gameplay will do. You just need to show the potential users how your app works. They should see the gameplay and the design even before they download your app and having a video is the best medium to do this. So you definitely need a video for your app.
  1. Apple presentation. We create a presentation for our client that talks about the pitch or the story that we are incorporating and all the things that Apple wants to see.

For your presentation, I suggest that you always refer to it as Apple Presentation. If you have a domain and wanted to use a link, you still need to mention Apple Presentation.

For example, if I’m pitching for App Masters, I might call it AppMasters / Apple Presentation. The reason I want the link to say something about Apple is because personally, if you send a link on me with my name on it, I will likely open it. If you send a link saying “I want to be part of Steve’s podcast,” I will likely open it because it’s unique for me and Apple will likely do the same when you send links.


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