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PlaceIt - Fabian Sanchez

PlaceIt – Fabian Sanchez


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About the Episode

Are you looking for an easy way to create app screen shots with beautiful backgrounds? Well listen to the tool that today’s guest built that allows you to easily drag and drop your app screen shots and turn them into awesome designs for your website. Also listen to the quote that he shares about the company’s philosophy around product design.

Fabian Sanchez is the Business Development Manager at PlaceIt.

Show Notes

For today’s show, we have Fabian Sanchez, PlaceIt’s Business Development Manager. PlaceIt supports app developers in terms of marketing by providing images, screenshots and processes for them to arrive with a finished product which is press-worthy.

Here are the highlights of my discussion with Fabian:

  • How PlaceIt came about and how it can help you tell the stories behind your apps effectively;
  • Developing new things, gaining momentum and absorbing feedback for better output;
  • A background on their Workflows and the different stages which can feature your story more in depth;
  • The initial challenges they had with justifying pricing and how they came up with their pricing models;
  • Their launch product strategies and how recommendations and user feedback led them to the creation of different stages and new environments; and
  • Where their photo repository came from and their design perspectives. 

Fabian also shares how knowing your clients can lead you to improve your business more and get more people to use your platform. We also had a discussion on how you can track people through social media and other web-based platforms so hit play and learn all about it!

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