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Pollen - Velocity Capital - Ryan Lessard

Pollen – Velocity Capital – Ryan Lessard


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About the Episode

Let’s say your app marketing efforts pay off and you’re able to hit the top charts, but you spent all of your budget and you don’t want to wait the 30 days that Apple will take to pay you. Well today’s guest is from the company that wants to help you get paid from your app revenues every 7 days. Also, listen to his ninja tip about email marketing.

Ryan Lessard is the VP of Business Development at Pollen.

Show Notes

Faster Payments, Greater Development

Pollen is into mobile financing and gives early access to app store revenue so developers can fuel their own group. It takes 30 days to get your pay out from Apple and for small and medium developers, the gap from today to that date could already mean a lot in terms of further developing products and getting ahead of the completion. Pollen gives developers access to their cash every seven days or they can credit your ad networks the very next day after you earn the revenue.

Email Marketing Tips

Ryan had also shared tips and tricks which he learned over time which he found can increase your open and response rates.

  • Involve a compliment or praise if the influencer you are reaching out to was featured in certain articles or had won an award. You can also reference a conference they were at to build rapport and express your interest in them.
  • Focus on something that is valuable to them and provide that as a tangible value. At one point, Ryan bought an eBook and sent this as a gift to create value exchange.
  • In coming up with your subject lines, try to be simple and vague. Using the word ‘hey’ andusing all lower case are tricks he found as effective. An interesting strategy is announcing a beta launch of a product to suggest you were interested with the product back then and thereby would continue reading on.
  • Change up your techniques, keep them fresh and measure its effectiveness.

What advice would you give to anyone looking at building a mobile app?

Make sure that you are not just profitable or that your LTV is greater than your customer acquisition cost but ensure you can tighten up sales cycles and you can manage cash too.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: TimeHop: (iTunes | Google Play)

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