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POP - Ben Lin

POP – Ben Lin

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About the Episode

Coming up, want a quick and easy way to prototype your next big app idea? Well I have Ben Lin who is the co-founder and CEO of the POP app that makes prototyping on your mobile app a breeze. Also, are you learning how to write code? Then you’ll want to Listen to the story of why today’s guest says he spent too much time programming and why you should avoid his mistake.

Ben Lin, CEO and co-founder of POP.

About POP

Hand-drawn wireframes to tappable app prototypes! POP helps you make interactive prototype with ease. If you can draw, you can design apps.

The workflow is ridiculously simple:
1. Design on Paper
2. Take Pictures
3. Link & Play

– Complicated wireframing tools slow us down. Why not use the most efficient tools, pen & paper, to create prototypes? That’s why we make POP. You simply take pictures of your wireframe, link these pictures, and it’ll work on iPhone!

– It’s great for professional designers. You can import your mockup images made with Photoshop or Fireworks, link them in POP, and they’ll look like the real thing.

– It’s also great for anyone with an app idea. When you take pictures of paper prototypes, POP will automatically brighten up your images to make them more legible on screen.

– When you’re done, share your prototypes with friends and colleagues to get feedback.

– Download now and happy prototyping!

Show Mentions

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