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Post Planner – Joshua Parkinson

Post Planner – Joshua Parkinson


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About the Episode

Are you having trouble getting your Facebook fans to engage with your content? Well today’s guest shares with us the types of posts that will get you likes, comments and even shares. Also, listen to the part of the show when he shares the story of being banned from Facebook and key lessons about having your business beholden to one platform.

Josh Parkinson is the Founder & CEO at Post Planner.

Show Notes

Go for Visuals

Josh shares that the post that gets the most engagement in Facebook are the visual ones. Their product, Post Planner, has been set up to help you find photos and videos which have already outperformed others so you can replicate the success other sites had when they used these. He also shares that ‘likes’ are okay, comments are great but you also have to note that what you should be aiming for are ‘shares’. To attain this, go for visual content which will trigger more shares. For example, since photos or quotes on images do really well on Facebook, you can choose one which has the most shares. If it performs the same way in your page and gets shared as much, you will be reaching more people and widening your coverage in leaps and bounds.

Beholden to One and the Risks that Come with It

Josh’s team has been banned in Facebook for a couple of times where their app was completely disabled. Facebook has an automated system which detects spamming and their app had been branded as one so they had to go through the process of finding someone who knows someone in Facebook just to get it going again. Although Facebook had improved and became more responsive after that, it was still a scary and a horrible experience for their team as that was the only platform they were on and these incidents had happened during the time that they were getting huge coverage.

In line with this experience, he advices folks who are thinking of building in just one platform to be ready for the risks that comes with being beholden to just one platform. You have to face the fact that they have power over you and do not be surprised when they wield it. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it, just be ready and prepare for the risk.

What advice would you give for anyone looking to start a business?

Keep going. Go for it. Don’t give up. Try to defy convention. Don’t be a heretic.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Pay by Phone: (iTunes | Google Play)

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